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Lamb Rumps (8oz) Lamb Rumps (8oz) Lamb Rumps (8oz) Lamb Rumps (8oz) Lamb Rumps (8oz)

Lamb Rumps (8oz)


Steaks taken from the rump of the lamp and which are nice and tender and full of intense flavour. Although tender it does have an added ‘bite’ so can be roasted or grilled, either way an exciting way to really explore the different flavours lamb has to offer. Perfect for the freezer

Comments from our customers...

“Cool box will be outside back door, many thanks. P.s. we just had the lamb rumps last week end and they were fantastic!! ”

Joy (Holt)


Free-range Wiltshire Lamb:
Traditionally reared, Wiltshire Downlands free range Lamb with no hormones or growth promoters. Brought on slowly and under a year old, our Lambs are fed on natural grassland with herbs and drinking spring water. This develops lots of flavour and ensures our lamb is tender and succulent. Free-range happy lamb directly brought to you, anyway you want it.

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