5oz Fillet Steak 5oz Fillet Steak 5oz Fillet Steak 5oz Fillet Steak 5oz Fillet Steak 5oz Fillet Steak

5oz Fillet Steak


That perfect little inbetweenie, for those who are stuck in their decision. A very tender, prime steak taken from near the ribs on the underside of the sirloin. No fat included, so a perfect choice for those watching their waistlines but not willing to compromise on luxury. Perfect for the freezer

Comments from our customers...

“HiTony I just wanted to say that we had the steak last night and it was absolutely DELICIOUS! ”

Mary from Holt


Free-range Beef from:
Stokes Marsh Farm, Coulston, Nr Westbury, Wiltshire
Huge on flavour but still tender - that takes time and experience. We take the time. Our beef is very carefully matured. It is grown by farmer Tim Johnson, on his family farm where the animals are traditionally reared.
Happy cattle fed on a natural diet in a stress free environment. You will taste it too.

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