Fillets, Diced & Mince

Smoked Chicken Fillets Smoked Chicken Fillets Smoked Chicken Fillets Smoked Chicken Fillets

Smoked Chicken Fillets

£32.95 / kg

Fillets of chicken breast that have been hot smoked for a deep and rich flavour. Great alternative to traditional plain chicken fillets. This chicken is from a loose-housed barn reared poultry flock which have space to run around and exercise. A cooked product that can be an ingredient or hey! Just eaten.


Free-range Poultry:
Creedy Carver, Merrifield Farm, Upton Hellions

Specialists in the production of free range chickens and ducks whilst maintaining a sympathetic approach to additive free poultry production. Merrifield farm is situated in the beautiful Devonshire countryside just outside of Crediton. Peter and Sue and now their Son James have worked the 82 acre farm for over twenty years and have achieved an excellent reputation for producing high quality chickens. The family pride themselves on producing top quality chickens and ducks that give the true flavour of the product whilst maintaining a very sympathetic approach to bird welfare.The birds have access to a variety of different terrains and the insects living within them, so they can keep occupied by scratching around for the bugs and this is a fantastically natural source of protein. Fed on a low density, GM, additive and antibiotic free diet to allow for slower growth, greater maturity and better flavour.
The happier the birds are, the more they will roam and develop a fuller flavour which in turn means an unbeatable tasting product for you.

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