Grilla Burger (Gluten Free) Grilla Burger (Gluten Free) Grilla Burger (Gluten Free) Grilla Burger (Gluten Free) Grilla Burger (Gluten Free)

Grilla Burger (Gluten Free)

A taste of the 50's


A fabulous beef burger that actually tastes like well, beef! Just like they used to before all those yucky processed packaged ones came into fashion. A firm customer favourite, our Grilla Burger is a whopping 6oz, containing nothing but very lean minced beef, suet, salt, pepper, and a binding agent called eggs. There are no preservatives in this burger, so eat within 3 days or freeze it, you can cook it from frozen too. Perfect for the freezer

Comments from our customers...

“Just a quick note to say the burgers and chicken were amazing thanks so much, ”

Liz (Holt)


Very Lean Mince, Beef Fat (cod fat/suet), Egg, Black Pepper, Salt, Shelf Life Fluid


Our Burgers and meatball are all made with our own free-range meats, seasoned to perfection. Some hot , some not at all. But with one thing in common. They are all to die for.

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