Habanero Gold

Habanero Gold

227g, Hot


Sweet, HOT and packed with apricots and habanero chillies. A perfect companion for pork or cheese.


Based just outside of Melksham in the South West of the UK, Julie, Grace and Penny and Jamie have been fans of hot food for a number of years and have always had a few ornamental Chilli plants dotted around the house. We mainly bought our Chillies from the local supermarkets, which are generally seasonal and have a limited selection normally, Red or Green chillies, with the occasional Hot red chilli.During 2010, partially inspired by one of the locals bringing a crop of chillies down the pub, and partially due to lack of varieties in the supermarkets, we decided to try and grow a few more varieties, something that soon escalated. By mid February we had planted over 150 seeds of different varieties.Realizing windowsill space was limited I invested in a small greenhouse, then a few weeks later a small polytunnel. During August we made some sauces for the locals, after lots of great feedback we decided we could sell our product and so The Wiltshire Chilli Farm was born.We now have three 24ft x 60ft Polytunnels and two smaller 12ft x 20ft tunnels. The farm now houses over 1,000 chilli plants and three Shetland sheep.

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