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Sheep's Sweetbread  Sheep's Sweetbread  Sheep's Sweetbread  Sheep's Sweetbread

Sheep's Sweetbread

£21.20 / kg

Produced from the neck or innards of the sheep and often breaded and fried or used in stuffing, the Sheep's sweetbread offers a soft, delicate almost creamy texture. Matched with a subtle flavour they are a very versatile cut and great for numerous dishes.


Free-range Wiltshire Lamb:
Traditionally reared, Wiltshire Downlands free range Lamb with no hormones or growth promoters. Brought on slowly and under a year old, our Lambs are fed on natural grassland with herbs and drinking spring water. This develops lots of flavour and ensures our lamb is tender and succulent. Free-range happy lamb directly brought to you, anyway you want it.

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