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Pig Cheek Oysters

£14.50 / kg

Becoming very fashionable is one of the tastiest parts of the pig. Pigs' cheeks are delicious slow-cooked, a couple of hours in a slow oven and you will find a tender delicacy with a rich pork flavour. Braise or stew them but why not try roasting them too, but not to high or to fast. Many many recipes available on the internet. Perfect for the freezer


Outdoor Reared Pork:
Westend Farm, Bishops Canning, Wiltshire - Cameron Naughton’s pigs enjoy lifestyle. Traditional farming along side modern science. "We grow straw for bedding, crops for feed, and spread the manure to fertilise, It’s a pretty good environment if you are a pig, having a much better time than 95% of pigs which are kept on concrete". Content and happy on the Downs.

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