Sausage Variations

Cumberland Ring Cumberland Ring

Cumberland Ring

£10.50 / kg

A traditional Cumberland pork sausage where the meat is chopped, not minced to give it a chunkier rustic texture to match the lovely flavour. It is presented in a ring - more banger for your buck! We've used free range meat and natural skins with a high meat to fat ratio to preserve quality and flavour. Perfect for the freezer


PORK SHOULDER (visual lean 90/10) 85.64 %. RUSK 8.57%. PARSLEY (x. STALKS) 2.40%. WATER 1.46%. SALT 0.94%. SAFEPRESERVE 0.60%. WHITE PEPPER 0.39%.


We use our own free-range meats and natural skins for our hand-made sausages, so sizes will vary quite considerably from time to time.

We aim for a 10% fat to meat ratio ensuring they're big on flavour.

All sausages are subject to availability as we carry 12 varieties most weeks.

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