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Chicken Thighs (Whole - not trimmed) Chicken Thighs (Whole - not trimmed) Chicken Thighs (Whole - not trimmed) Chicken Thighs (Whole - not trimmed)

Chicken Thighs (Whole - not trimmed)

£6.00 / kg

£7.98 / kg
Whole chicken thighs with the skin left on to retain extra tenderness and moisture when cooking. These are complete thighs (the whole top half of the leg)Thigh meat is darker than breast meat and provides a richer flavour to your dish. This chicken is from a loose-housed barn reared poultry flock which have space to run around. No added water.
Barbecue Offer!
Spice it up, add one of our marinades at no extra cost.

Garden Mint
Garlic and Herb
Smokey BBQ
Savannah BBQ
Spicy Chilli

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Perfect for the freezer


Barn reared Chicken:
Pococks Poultry, Whitley & The Cotswold Chicken Company, Malmesbury. Our loose housed, barn reared birds are not intensively farmed & subsequently enjoy room to run around. Neither of our suppliers use growth promoters, hormones, or constant feeding methods. No need to add water or polyphosphates either. In tasting these birds you can really appreciate the difference in a happy bird.

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