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Back Bacon (Unsmoked) Back Bacon (Unsmoked) Back Bacon (Unsmoked) Back Bacon (Unsmoked)

Back Bacon (Unsmoked)

£13.00 / kg

£16.00 / kg
Unsmoked back bacon which has been cured (preserved with salt) with no added water to prevent loss of flavour. Back bacon comes from the loin area and is a leaner cut. Will also cook in half of the time those watery supermarket bacons will and crisp up better. Perfect for the freezer


Dry Cured Bacon:
Sandridge Farm, Bromham (near Melksham) in Wiltshire. Award winning bacon which will cook in half the time of that from a supermarket due to the lack of water. It will crisp very quickly so keep an eye on it! It tastes like the bacon your Granny used to serve!

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