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Salmon Fillets  Salmon Fillets  Salmon Fillets  Salmon Fillets

Salmon Fillets

6oz fillets unless you state otherwise

£28.00 / kg

Gorgeously meaty and tasty Salmon fillets from only the freshest and healthiest Salmon the North East Atlantic has to offer. Salmon fillets are one of the most versatile options for a fish dish. Treat it with love and it'll award you with incredible flavour and texture. This is not English Farmed Salmon. Perfect for the freezer

Comments from our customers...

“I tell you what I will always eat in any climate, your delicious salmon fillets! So may I have 4 of them please, all separately packed. ”

Diana from Bath


Farmed in The Shetlands and brought in fresh on a daily basis. Our Salmon is renowned locally for being the best quality in the area. Naturally.

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