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Bronze Turkey (True Free-Range) Bronze Turkey (True Free-Range) Bronze Turkey (True Free-Range) Bronze Turkey (True Free-Range) Bronze Turkey (True Free-Range)

Bronze Turkey (True Free-Range)

£16.00 / kg

Approximately 4kg to 11kg (that is 9lb to 25lb)
If you are looking for a truly Free Range bird then look no further than these Bronze turkeys, reared using traditional methods by Stuart Perkins at Castlemead Poultry in Somerset, just a few miles from Wiltshire Country Fayre.
Stuart’s turkeys are free to roam and forage on natural grasses and bugs throughout the day and then housed overnight in small groups to keep them safe from predators and the weather. Fed only on locally milled cereals to match the birds’ dietary needs, with no added extras such as additives or hormones, the rest is left to nature.
Not only does this stress-free life produce a fantastic flavoured bird - but these high welfare turkeys require a shorter cooking time thus saving you money and making it easier to cook the ultimate Christmas dinner.
Dry plucked, hand finished and then allowed to hang in cold stores for 10-14 days to allow the fat to marble and the meat to tenderise and develop real depth of flavour, these truly free-range birds will provide deliciously tender meat that will get your taste-buds salivating.
Ever conscious that space is limited in your fridge at Christmas time, we will deliver your turkey no earlier than 4 days before the big day – unless of course you ask for it earlier - when of course we will be happy to oblige.
Not sure what weight to order? About 1lb per person raw weight is recommended. For further advice check out Tony’s video on You Tube – or just give us a call or send an email and we will be happy to help.

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Comments from our customers...

“Alan arrived this morning with our Christmas meal(s) in his hands and, as always, a big and happy smile spread across his face! Christmas for us really starts when the turkey and trimmings come over the threshold. SO EXCITING!!! However, not quite as exciting as last year, when your brother trekked across the snow to deliver our Christmas meal to us from his backpack - now that really was service and then some!!! Many thanks and all best wishes for your Christmas and New Year. ”

Catherine (Freshford)
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