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Cornish Octopus Cornish Octopus Cornish Octopus Cornish Octopus

Cornish Octopus

Average 450g (but do vary in size)

£11.50 / kg

£14.00 / kg
As everyone wants better food at home these days, lets introduce a new product to you.
Cleaned and ready to go.
The myth....rubbery, gooey, sticky, chewy, tasteless and expensive.
The reality....... flavoursome, tender, lean, meaty, high in protein, low in fat, healthy and affordable.
Taste....... close to chicken, lobster, or pork, but the texture is different.

The Fish range from 250-500g each (I would say 1 fish per person).
Perfect for the freezer


Our fish is brought in by Cornish day boats, travelling across the country overnight and reaching you in tip-top condition. It's fresh as a daisy, not frozen, and you can have as much or as little as you need.

This fish has been cleaned, gutted and gilled for you. We can also remove the heads if you prefer. Just leave a note when you order.

This is an estimated price, because we'll only know the exact price when we prepare and weigh your food on the day of your delivery.
This is a rough total only. We'll only know the exact total of your order when it's freshly packed and weighed for you on the day of delivery.