How would you like it?

What makes us that little bit special is that we let you order EXACTLY what you want, package it in the quantity you ask for and, unlike many other home delivery services, we don't even operate a minimum order policy. 
There's more..... you can also order by the ounce, pound, gram or kilo to suit your recipe quantities and to keep things simple - no need to figure out the mathematics! We are a food supplier committed to reducing food waste.

So if you just want 7 sausages, packaged in two packs of 2 and a pack of 3 then that's what we'll give you. Fancy just 2 rashers of bacon? No problem! 500g of our extra lean mince. Yes that too! 5 x 1lb bags of our delicious diced chicken. Easy! We'll even package our Weekly Special Offer items exactly how you want them too- now that's service!

With ordering this simple, we make life perfect for both your meal planning and your purse strings - and there is nothing to pay until we arrive at your doorstep with your basket of goodies.

Try us out now - not only will you save on food miles and shoe leather - but you'll add incredible taste and freshness to your weekly menu, as well as the unbeatable feel-good satisfaction of supporting your local quality food suppliers.


This is an estimated price, because we'll only know the exact price when we prepare and weigh your food on the day of your delivery.
This is a rough total only. We'll only know the exact total of your order when it's freshly packed and weighed for you on the day of delivery.