The story behind Wiltshire Country Fayre

We are proud to say that Wiltshire Country Fayre has been delivering great quality food in Wiltshire since 1982.  

With over 1000 products and an ever expanding customer base, Wiltshire Country Fayre takes great pride in its friendly and personal service which now extends nationwide.  We put our customer relationships at the heart of everything we do.  

Our team, led by Maria, value above all, quality, excellent service and the friendly relationships that our customers have enjoyed for so long and new customers can count on.

Maria H
wiltshire country fayre

We support local farmers, and at the core of our offer is supplying only top quality food. 

For example all of our meat is:

  • Locally and traditionally reared
  • Free from hormones, no growth promoters
  • Contain no antibiotics (unless necessary due to illness)
  • Fed on wild weeds, dandelions and native grasses
  • All foodstuffs are prepared on the farm
  • All cattle are Hereford or Aberdeen Angus heifers
  • Cattle are individually selected for WCF according to conformation and finish
  • Slaughtered at a local abattoir
  • Beef is hung for an optimum period of 21 to 28 days assuring maximum flavour and tenderness

Above all, we want our customers to stay with us for years to come.  And so we are prepared to go the extra mile in everything we do to ensure that you are happy with our products and service – from our personal phone calls, to preparing your food just the way you like it!