Dalgety Lemongrass/Fevergrass Herbal Infusion (carton 40g)


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Dalgety’s strong Lemongrass also known as Fevergrass is 100% Natural, Caffeine Free Tropical infusion. The infusion has a soothing, pleasant aromatic taste mild in lemon with a touch of sugarcane juice smell for all benefits related to Lemongrass / Fevergrass.

Key Benefits:

  • Relaxing and calming to the body
  • Reduces anxiety, stress and irritability
  • Traditionally known to control hay-fevers and common colds


Lemongrass taste is not citrus lemon as the name might indicate but is similar to that of a natural dilute form of sugarcane juice with a hint of lemon.


  • 100% Pure & Natural Dried Lemon/Fevergrass
  • No artificial additives or flavourings
  • Caffeine free.