Premium Pork Chipolatas Sausage (GF) 340g

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Gluten free Premium Pork Chipolatas are a slimmer version of our famous Premium Pork Sausages, which we launched in 2005. At the time, most sausages were low-quality and bulked up with filler. We set out to make a super tasty gluten-free, British sausage. Our premium pork sausages took the market by storm and they continue to do so today. We make these multi-award-winning sausages with 90% British pork and our signature recipe seasoning, so they pack a flavour punch that’s second to none.


In stock

You can cook gluten-free premium pork chipolatas quickly and easily. They are equally delicious pan-fried, grilled or from the oven. Chipolatas are perfect for a BBQ and make a great family breakfast, lunch or dinner!
Gluten free premium pork chipolatas have a firm texture and meaty flavour. They work wonderfully in British classics such as toad-in-the-hole and bangers & mash, and are delicious in pasta and rice dishes. And the kids love them!