About us

The story behind Wiltshire Country Fayre

In 1982 a young man called Tony was just 23 years old. As a keen angler he took a position at a Trout farm hoping to learn the trade and earn a few pennies. In truth, he was hoping for a bit of free fishing but instead embarked upon a journey that would lead him to the here and now. Having learnt ‘the basics’ whilst at Farleigh Natural Spring Farm, and led by his entrepreneurial spirit, Tony hit the road in his dilapidated old car and started a “Trout Round”. To begin with he was rubbish at this (his words) but after a slow start the boy came good!

Tony soon approached a poultry company and started selling chickens too.  He was going to call the company ‘Fish n Chicks’. This tells you a lot about Tony. He was persuaded to choose a more conventional name, and as more products came along, Wiltshire Country Fayre was born.

With over 1000 products and an expanding customer base, WCF has gone from strength to strength, whilst maintaining the friendly and personal feel that Tony has become known for. Despite having a dedicated team of 5 behind the scenes, Tony can still often be found answering the phones, replying to emails and even driving a delivery van. He just can’t help himself!! It’s because of this that he can ensure that the WCF values of quality, excellent service and fun are evident in everything we do.

At the core of WCF is Tony's desire to supply only Top Quality Foods. For example all of our meat is;

  • Locally and traditionally reared
  • Free from hormones, no growth promoters
  • Contain no antibiotics (unless necessary due to illness)
  • Fed on wild weeds, dandelions and native grasses
  • All foodstuffs are prepared on the farm
  • All cattle are Hereford or Aberdeen Angus heifers
  • Cattle are individually selected for WCF according to conformation and finish
  • Slaughtered at a local abattoir
  • Beef is hung for an optimum period of 21 to 28 days assuring maximum flavour and tenderness

We support local farmers, but only those with the highest of standards - like Cameron from Westend Farm (Bishops Canning) and Tim of Stokes Marsh Farm (Coulston).

99% of our meat is fresh but if there is a necessity to supply it frozen, it will reach you frozen and not partially defrosted, so you can pop it straight into the freezer without any worries. Of course we also vacuum seal the majority of your fresh meat, so if you do want to freeze it, it will come out of the freezer in the same great condition that it went in.

Apart from obvious exceptions of warm ocean fish like Tuna, all of our fish comes from day boats. Caught on day 1, it travels overnight and is with you on day 2 - it couldn’t be fresher than that! And all of our cod is line caught, as we believe in ethical fishing and maintaining sustainable fish stocks.

We want our customers to stay with us and with that in mind we will always go the extra mile in everything we do, from our personal phone calls, to preparing your food just the way you like it.

(Now, be honest. How many of you tried to work out how old Tony is, if he was 23 years old in 1982?)

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