Frequently Asked Questions

We've put together a list of frequently asked questions that we hope will tell you more about our Wiltshire food delivery service. However if you still have a question that isn't answered here, please contact us.

How do we do an order for Christmas on line now, but for it not be delivered till Christmas week?

Simple, just make your order in the usual way, and when you get to checkout, there is a prompt for you to write "CHRISTMAS ORDER" in the notes box. Then you just ignore the date it tells you it will be delivered. Easy as that. Having said that, if there is a whacking great Turkey in the order we may cotton on.

How often do you deliver to my area?

We have 2 main delivery areas, and we alternate between them on a weekly basis. This means we'll be in your area every 2 weeks. To check the next delivery day according to your area, please view the Delivery page.

How fresh is your food?

Your food comes into the Wiltshire Country Fayre prep room in the morning, and we deliver it to you the very same day. Isn't it great to know that your food hasn't been sitting on a shelf for a week?

Why do I have to give my telephone number?

Call us old fashioned, but we like to talk to our customers! If you're a placing a first order we'll give you a quick tinkle, just to make sure that we have all the correct details and to answer any questions you may have. We need to ensure all orders are in on Monday and Tuesday. If we haven't heard from you, even if it's just to say that you don't need anything this time, we'll get in touch. Whatever your preferred style, we'll work around you. We promise never to share your contact information.

Is there a minimum order?

No such thing at Wiltshire Country Fayre. But if your order is under £30, we will have to add a £4 delivery charge.

I don't work in Kilos. Can I order in pounds?

Of course you can. We understand that you may wish to order your sausages in either pound’s or kilos, but if it’s 6 you want, just say 6! Want a joint of beef for the family? Just tell us how many you're feeding and we'll work out how much you need. Hams etc can be ordered by the slice, bacon by rashers… You get the idea. There's a place to enter notes and special instructions when you get to the order confirmation page.

How big a joint will I need?

For a boneless joint to feed up to 4 people, we recommend 1/2lb (or 225g) per person + 1/2lb over. If you're feeding more than 4 people, you'll need 1/2lb per person + 1lb (or 450g) over. Remember, some of us are a little greedy (especially when the meat is as good as ours). If you're cooking your joint on the bone allow for 12oz (or 350g) per person.

Why is my total estimated?

Our produce is hand sliced/prepared and packed, so we have to allow for slight variations in size and weight. It's easy to get spot on the weight for a product like mince, but a little harder when dealing with something like pork chops. We'll always get as close to your requirements as we can though.

When and how do I pay?

We're not like your local supermarket - we don't demand payment at the point of ordering. You can pay for your food at the time of delivery, either by cash, cheque or bank transfer. Considering the price of stamps, we find that a nifty bit of internet banking is the quickest and easiest way.

When will my order arrive?

Your delivery day will be on a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, depending on where you live. Have a look at our Delivery page to see which day applies to you. Our driver will leave the depot at 9.30am and follow a set route. We can always give you an estimated delivery time, although this is subject to traffic and time spent chatting, etc.

What happens if I'm out when you deliver?

Most of our customers have a designated dropping point. It may be that "Our garage is always open, leave it in the fridge," or you may prefer us to "Take it to Number 12". If neither of these options suit you, just ask us to leave it in a coolbag behind the bin. In little emergencies we carry a couple of coolbags on board, and can retrieve them from you later. We won't just take your delivery away with us.

Is the packaging suitable for putting in the freezer?

Absolutely. If a product is freezeable, and won't be crushed by vacuum packing, then we'll vacpac it for you. The vacuum sealer will remove the excess air from around the meat, keeping it safe from deterioration and freezer burn. After defrosting, your food will be as fresh and tasty as when we delivered it.

Why has my product been substituted?

If for any reason the product you ordered isn't available, we will always try to contact you to discuss an alternative. If however, we can't get hold of you we'll do our best to give you a suitable alternative, but only if it's a very close substitution. We don't want you to be disappointed when your goods arrive so we'll draw on Tony's expertise, he really knows his stuff!

Why do you ring every 2 weeks?

The majority of our customers like us to call every fortnight as they tend to be running out of things by then. As there's no minimum order it's the perfect chance to top up on those essentials, or take advantage of our great monthly offers. If you really don't want to hear our dulcet tones that frequently, just let us know. We can always call you once a month.

I have sent my order, but now I have spotted an error. How do I amend it?

Once an order has been sent you cannot amend it on the website (it's already gone). So just email us the changes and we will sort it for you. We are good like that. :-)

This is an estimated price, because we'll only know the exact price when we prepare and weigh your food on the day of your delivery.
This is a rough total only. We'll only know the exact total of your order when it's freshly packed and weighed for you on the day of delivery.