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Goose Legs  Goose Legs  Goose Legs  Goose Legs  Goose Legs  Goose Legs

Goose Legs

500g varies. This is sometimes supplied frozen.

£17.72 / kg

Fabulously rich and flavoursome dark meat goose legs, perfect for roasting. Even great as a confit! All our Geese come from a local producer and are traditionally reared and free range. Perfect for the freezer


Free-range Turkey:
Woolley Park Farm, Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire. Farmer Russel Candy, Free-range and free-roaming birds. Our birds have access to a variety of different terrains and the insects living within them, so they can keep occupied by scratching around for the bugs and this is a fantastically natural source of protein.. Dry-plucked on the farm too. Our turkeys are reared from chicks on the farm.

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