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Steak & Kidney Suet Pudding  Steak & Kidney Suet Pudding  Steak & Kidney Suet Pudding

Steak & Kidney Suet Pudding



Hand diced British beef and Ox kidneys in a rich onion gravy, inside a traditional suet pudding. This is comfort food at its finest. Great individual sized puddings. All pies and puddings from Wiltshire Country Fayre have been taste tested by me, to make sure they are perfectly scrumptious. Yummy!


Kentish Mayde

The MOST delicious pies produced in Kent by the Botley family since 2001. All our pastry is produced ‘in house’ and we have seven different types of pastry, from our special Suet to our Rich Shortcrust Pastry.
have been awarded over 20 British Pie Awards for our products and in 2014 won best Fruit Pie for our Apple and Blackberry Pie. A nice little haul. We care about our products, we are proud of the quality and reputation they have earned us. We have trust in them to provide you with the finest product for your operation, be it retail, wholesale or table service.

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