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Pigs Trotters  Pigs Trotters  Pigs Trotters

Pigs Trotters


Stock, soup, or just because that's what they used to eat, food does not have to be expensive, and there is a first time for everything! Remember, they don't have to be presented on the plate in their current form if your guests aren't as brave as you - pick off the meat or slice them like medallions.


Outdoor Reared Pork:
Westend Farm, Bishops Canning, Wiltshire - Cameron Naughton’s pigs enjoy lifestyle. Traditional farming along side modern science. "We grow straw for bedding, crops for feed, and spread the manure to fertilise, It’s a pretty good environment if you are a pig, having a much better time than 95% of pigs which are kept on concrete". Content and happy on the Downs.

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