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Tenderloin / Fillet of Pork

£19.60 / kg

The tenderloin is known as the most tender of all the pork cuts (what a coincidence) and is ideal for grilling and frying or used in any dishes that are cooked quickly. It is also very lean, perfect for those not wanting their pork to make them feel a bit porky. Totally adaptable. Perfect for the freezer

Comments from our customers...

“Wow, lovely, I've decided to stock up on tenderloins as we have a family get-together coming up. What I do with mine is cut them nearly all the way through right down the tenderloin, stuff them with well aged Stilton and tie up with string. You then pan-fry them in butter till golden and put them in the oven for about 20 minutes. The important bit is right at the end - you deglaze the pan and use the lovely cooking juices as a rich buttery sauce. Yummy. ”

Celia (Bath)


Outdoor Reared Pork:
Westend Farm, Bishops Canning, Wiltshire - Cameron Naughton’s pigs enjoy lifestyle. Traditional farming along side modern science. "We grow straw for bedding, crops for feed, and spread the manure to fertilise, It’s a pretty good environment if you are a pig, having a much better time than 95% of pigs which are kept on concrete". Content and happy on the Downs.

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