Lets do Christmas

You can put your order in as soon as you like - it's really easy to order on-line.  Just click on the section you need e.g. our  "All Your Christmas Food" on the left of the home page - select your items and pop them in your shopping basket.  So we know you don't want the order straight away, please just put "Christmas Order" in the notes box - and, of course, you can always add to your order in the same way at a later date and we will combine the orders

As before, you can order exactly what you need - whether that be 8 sausages, 1lb sausages or 1/2 kilo - and you can tell us if you want it specially packed in smaller amounts - maybe 2 lots of 4 sausages - by just leaving us a note.  You are the customer and we aim to please!

With ordering this simple, we make life perfect for both your meal planning and your purse strings - and there is nothing to pay until we arrive at your doorstep with your basket of goodies.

So send us your order today. Not only will you save on food miles and shoe leather - but you'll add incredible taste and freshness to your menus, as well as the unbeatable feel-good satisfaction of supporting your local quality food supplier. Pete, Alex, Val and I will be delivering your order the few days before Christmas to ensure it is as fresh as possible.

Happy Christmas shopping from all the team at Wiltshire Country Fayre!


This is an estimated price, because we'll only know the exact price when we prepare and weigh your food on the day of your delivery.
This is a rough total only. We'll only know the exact total of your order when it's freshly packed and weighed for you on the day of delivery.